Q. Is there assistance available that has forest stewardship as an objective?

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There are multiple organizations whose mission is to promote environmentally sound, socially beneficial, and economically prosperous management of the world's forests. Our certifications may help broaden access to markets for your timber. 

Additional assistance, in the form of advice and grants for replanting and other activities is often available from the US Forest Service or the US Department of Agriculture working in concert with your state Forest Service.

Q. What are Best Management Practices and what is their purpose?

Best Management Practices (BMP) are "measures and practices taken to prevent or reduce water pollution in timber management activities." They are formally agreed, common sense and economical principles and practices used by those involved with forest management operations. They are designed to "improve the physical, chemical, and biological integrity of the nation’s waters so they remain “fishable” and “swimmable” for today’s and future generations." Best management practices for forestry are designed to minimize the impacts of forestry activities on your land by development of:

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  • Stream-side management zones along streams, lakes and wetlands in order to maintain water quality, shade and certain wildlife values.
  • Erosion control measures for roads and skid trails, such as culverts, broad-based dips and water bars.
  • Stream crossing guidelines to minimize environmental impact. 
  • Effective waste disposal for harvesting equipment. 

Q. Do you or I have to follow Best Management Practices while harvesting timber on my property?

No, however, they are good common sense guidelines. The practices are promulgated by state Forestry Commissions. In the southeast, Best Management Practices are voluntary on private forest lands. Exceptions exist based on county or city zoning and other regulations.

It is important to select a timber harvester you can trust. We hope that you will contact Champion Legacy Resources to discuss your timber stand.