What is reforestation and why should I consider this?

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Reforestation is the "restocking of a forest after loss of trees through harvesting, wildfire, disease or other means by planting or natural regeneration." Reforestation includes the selection of reforestation method, tree specie selection, and post harvest land preparation. These will need to be considered prior to a timber harvest as the timber harvest type and reforestation alternatives are intimately connected. 

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Reforestation can be accomplished artificially or naturally. Natural regeneration and hand planting generally pose less of a threat to water quality than mechanical methods. If your reforestation plan includes natural seeding from the existing timber stand, particular care will need to be taken with the planning the harvest and the harvest type. A properly planned harvest that removes all sellable trees (a clear cut harvest) will help reduce the cost and improve the chance for success of a hand-panted reforestation. 

Your state and federal government often have programs in place to assist forest owners with reforestation options. You can find out more about these programs from your local Forest Service representatives. Champion Legacy Resources can include reforestation options in our discussion of your timber stand.