Q. What do you need from me to get started?

  • A conversation. Please call one of our timber specialists to schedule a no obligation discussion.
  • An accurate legal description with an accurate plat or survey of your land.
  • A clear description of the area you want harvested. We can include this as part of our discussion.

 Q. How does the process work?

We will sit down together and discuss your objectives for your timber tract. Next, we will conduct an assessment of your tract. Once we reach an agreement, we will confirm this with a written contract and begin the process of harvesting your timber.

Q. How can I determine what to harvest?

We can help you evaluate your timber stand and establish your objectives. Possible objectives might include maximizing timber value, forest renewal, environmental protection, and establishing recreational preserves.

Q. What does a timber harvest include? 

Timber harvesting includes cutting trees, laying out and stabilizing access roads, log decks, and skid trails. Timber harvesting can be accomplished while protecting water quality and site productivity. A harvest can also improve the composition and quality of future forests. You can find more information in our sections on harvest options, best practices, and harvesting in action.