Design decisions

Focus was to get a foundational site sorted for private family tract timber sellers as they are currently the primary source of business. Other elements can be added over time if needed.

Stewardship is mentioned primarily in the context of strategy.

Values are not mentioned specifically, but the primary value of Trust (with timber sellers) is embedded in the text and is the main focus of the site as they are your current primary source of timber.

The values of Performance (with timber buyers is not dialed in as they are not the primary focus of the site.

A link to the contact page is mentioned on as many pages as practical in order to encourage people to begin a relationship. 

The only external link is to FSC as they are a strategic partner you want to amplify. This was done to keep people on your site so they will lean toward calling YOU.

Where-ever CLR is mentioned, it should be in Bold.

Leave out LLC after the name unless there is a legal necessity (it looks cleaner and is easier for people to remember).

If you update your branded items, I would encourage you to use the typography found on the site to maximize visual integrity.